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-To go over the PEP once again so that everybody can understand it thoroughly and get to know exactly what they will have to do or moreover, bear in mind what they should do to earn their best while processing the PEP.
-Because football is a team-sport so people who do the PEP for football may gather together to work in a group. It may help a lot since they can practice together which is a fundamental thing in team-sport.
-To disseminate all the rules as well as disciplines that require every one to conform.

PE [Outdoor]
-People who are in a group will work together at the basketball patch.
-This day, I will do general exercise and some most basic movement in football with my group.
-I will get it started with 3 laps warm up; running around the patch with moderate speed because the patch’s surface is plain and I can easily slip over.
-After running 3 laps, I will continue stretching by doing: knee rotation, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, ankle roll, wrist warm, ...
-The aim of warming up is to heat up my body’s temperature so that it will be physically as well as mentally ready for the activities. They also help the oxygen to be delivered through all parts of the body and also, preventing injury.
-After warming up, I will get start with my exercise.
-Firstly, I learn how to control the ball by set up lines of cones and try to tow the ball through those cones. It will be started from the lowest speed so that I can get used to it and then speed up.
-Then, I place the ball, make it stay still and step one foot on it and jump. Do it continuously for about 10 minutes.
-Then placing the ball and stand still, stepping on the ball to feel it then move it around by the inner side of the foot. Do it for about 10 minutes.
-This time, I stand my feet equal to my shoulder, place the ball between them and do some instep control. I will also practice that for about 10 minutes.
-After finishing, I will spend about 5 minutes relaxing. It’s not too long for your body to cool down so that the activities will be continued easier.
- Do the exercises repeatedly until the last 7 minutes.
-Cool down the body’s temperature by some simple movements like standing still and reaching my feet, it helps slowing the heart rate and stretching my warmed muscles.

1st speed test
-The speed test is designed for me to be able to know that if my current state of speed is under average, average or high. Therefore, it would be easier for the later plain.
-I will do this test at the football patch because its surface is way better for fast run comparing to the plain surface which can easily make me fall down while running to fast.
-It will be started with warm up at the beginning.
-After then, I will be working with a partner. One will count the time,...

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