Fitness Programme To Build Up General Strength And Stamina

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Fitness Programme to Build Up General Strength and Stamina

The aim: of this fitness programme is to build up general strength and
stamina. I am hoping to use roughly sixty per cent of my maximum heart
rate. It will be completed over a six week period whereby I will

The purpose of this is to build up my general body strength and
stamina; I am trying to improve those components for my Basketball.
Hopefully some of the exercises I will use; will contribute to an
increase in my fitness and also a higher jump so that it can help me
in my offence but mainly in defence. I do not mind if it is a small
amount of improvement just as long as there is a one. In the circuit I
will be doing: press ups, sit ups, squats, chin ups, shuttle runs (20
metres), depth jumps, clap press ups and a jog around a marked area.

The reasons I have chosen these exercises are to show what components
I am trying to use that will benefit my performance in Basketball. The
arm exercises: press ups, clap press ups and chin ups are to build up
my arm strength so that both my passes and shots are stronger and I
can shoot from a different range instead of the same. The running
exercises: shuttle runs and jog around a marked area are obviously for
the improvement in my aerobic respiration and fitness, because in
Basketball, you are more or less doing shuttle runs at a fairly rapid
pace. Therefore doing the shuttle runs will put me in that frame of
mind running up and down a court on offence and defence. The squats
and depth jumps are being used to improve my leg strength so that I am
able to jump that fraction higher, because in basket ball, there is
quite a lot of jumping to be done: for the jump off, collecting a
defensive rebound, intercepting high passes, taking a jump shot and
finally collecting an offensive rebound.

The last time I had taken part in the bleep test, I got up to level 8.
I have a fairly good level of fitness as I am regularly exercising and
take part in three hours of karate a week, but hopefully with this
fitness programme, I can improve on that.

I will use the F.I.T.T. principles to get the best results out of
myself that I can without too much damage to my body.

* Frequency- it will be completed twice a week for six weeks.

* Intensity of exercise- I will pace my self to see how much I can
do at a steady speed, although not too slow, a moderate tempo.

* Time- to start off with, I will perform each exercise within one
minute, and from there I will increase the time by twenty seconds.

* Type- the type of training will be a circuit.

To begin each week, I will do a thorough warm up which will consist if
the following, a two lap jog around a marked area or the school
premises, and stretching. It will be important to stretch these
muscles as they are the...

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