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Five Benefits Of Microbes (Microorganisms) Essay

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P6. Explain the social benefits of micro-organisms.


In this assignment I am going to explain the 5 different social benefits of micro-organisms. The areas I am going to talk about are as follows;

o Food
o Pharmaceutical
o Agriculture
o Recycling of matter
o Genetic engineering

Microbes are useful in many ways in a number of different industries;


Microbes are major key components in both are homes and industrial food preparation. There are number of lactic acid which is a form of bacteria which is a large group of beneficial bacteria used in certain foods while they are getting prepared such as yogurt, cheese, sour cream, butter milk and other type of fermented milk products. Things such as vinegars are produced by bacterial acetic acid fermentation. Yeast is also major use in the making of beer and wine and also for the leaving of breads. This also involves fermentations to convert corn and other vegetable carbohydrates to also make beer, wine or gasohol but also bacteria is the agents of are other foods. Other fermented foods will include things such as soy sauce, olives and cocoa. (Microbes and human life, 2013) Single cell proteins are known as dried cells of microbes which are used in protein supplement shacks. They are also called “novel food” and “minifood”. The production of this requires micro-organisms which then serve as the protein source and then the substrate which is biomass which they grow on them. There are a number of both these sources that we are able to use for the production of single cell protein (SCP). The micro-organisms used belong to the following groups of Algae, Fungi and bacteria. (Slide Share, 2012)


The Pharmaceutical industry understands the principles of microbiology and the human cell mechanisms which then allow pharmacists which then discover antimicrobial drugs that would prevent most communicable disease. Pharmacists and scientists work together to make sure that the drugs work right targeting and without harming the human host. (Bio space, 2009) Vaccines are preparations which have a small portion of either killed or weakened organisms such as a virus that we can afford if we get the right vaccines. (Slide share, 2009) In the production of vaccines the normal manufacture uses bacterial or viral antigen such as bacterium or virus which will be killed or could be living but attenuated. To make the...

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