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Five Different Types Of Knowledge That I Nurse Can Use To Care For Patients

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The nurse, Allison, in the case study used a wide variety of knowledge in order to best care for her patients in a holistic approach. In this section, five different types of knowledge will be discussed and explained how Allison used each type to nurse her patients. Carper, Van der Zalm, Bergum and Wolfer described empirical knowledge as “the knowledge we consider to be “fact,” such as what we read in textbooks, or what has been demonstrated through research” (as cited in Bungay, 2005). Allison consistently applied empirical knowledge throughout the beginning of her shift. A few examples of when empirical knowledge was applied in her nursing included listening to report and gathering all the information on the patients in order to determine her priorities of care. Explaining the benefits of a nicotine patch to Mr. Nelson as well as when she determined Mr. Nelsons oxygen supply and demand was adequate due to her assessment of the cardiac monitors, his work of breath and by observing the colour of his skin.
Another type of knowledge that Allison used in her patient care was ethical knowledge. Van der Zalm and Bergum determined that “ethical knowledge represents knowledge that supports us to choose and be responsible for the right action in a situation” (as cited in Bungay, 2005). An examples of when Allison used ethical knowledge in her care was when she made the ethical decision on which patient she should visit first, that being Mrs. Johnson. This is an example of ethical knowledge because since Mrs. Johnson was the newest admit, and had had a cardioversion forty-five minutes prior, she was the most unstable patient of Allison’s. Had Allison made the choice to assess her other patient’s first it would have not been the responsible choice in the situation.
The third type of knowledge that Allison displayed in her nursing care was personal knowledge. Carper described that “personal knowledge incorporates the experiences that the nurse brings to the situation, the knowing of self and patient, and involves helping the patient create meaning of his/her experience” (as cited in Bungay, 2005). Allison used personal knowledge when trying to resolve Mr. Nelson’s anger as she had previous patients who had acted the same way in the past. She used the knowledge of her past and personal experience to come to the understanding that the anger was not meant for her, and that she needed to see past the anger in order to best care for the patient.
The fourth type of knowledge that Allison used when caring for her patients was esthetic knowledge. White described, “esthetic knowledge is visible in that it is the creative and imaginative aspect of care that we provide” (as cited in Bungay, 2005). Bungay stated that “this way of knowing can be considered the art of nursing. It is how we use the knowledge was we have” (Bungay, 2005). Two instances where Allison applied esthetic knowledge was when she determined Mr. Nelson’s oxygen supply and demand to...

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