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Five Minds of a Manager


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In today’s competitive business environment, effective management plays a crucial role. The article Five Minds of a Manager by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg, identify some important aspects of effective managers. According to the author, “The world of the manager is complicated and confusing.” Consequently, mangers need to think above ordinary employees. In particular, managers should, think global and act local, collaborate through competitions, be agents of change and maintain order. This paper provides a reflective review of the article Five Minds of a Manager by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg.
The Mindset
In today’s complex management environment, I believe that the mindset of a manger weigh the same as their views and attitude on the job. Certainly, Jonathan Gosling an established scholar and the director of the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter provide an excellent view on the diverse talent requirements in effective management. The main issue identified by the author is the connection between leadership and management. Separation of management and leadership is impractical. However not all good leaders are good managers and vice versa. Gosling, and Mintzberg (2003), argues that management without leadership promotes uninspired behavior, which hinders business activities. On the other hand, leadership devoid of management results in disconnect of actions and ideas. I concur with the author’s argument on the relationship between management and leadership. I believe that good managers should be good leaders too. However, most organizations do not enjoy both the benefits of effective leadership and management. In particular, most organizations lack either of these aspects. The author identifies the five mindsets of managers as a recipe for effective management. The five mindsets include managing the self (the reflective mind-set); managing organizations (the analytic mind-set); managing context (the worldly mind-set); managing relationships (the collaborative mind-set) and managing change (the action mind-set) (Gosling, and Mintzberg 2003). I consider this mindset a basic requirement for effective management. Although Jonathan identifies them as tool for effective management, I feel that the list needs additional entries. Firstly, a good manager should be able to match appropriate skills to the right task. In doing so, mangers not only need to manage themselves, the organization and the employees, but they should also mange expectations. Arguably, employees and the organization have different or unrelated expectations, which need to be fine-tuned for effective performance. Thus, the article needed to have considered expectations as a management requirement.
The article brands a manager a master of everything. Although the author states that managers n Earth not Krypton, he does not give any allowances for errors. I believe that...


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