Five Most Important Events In U.S. History

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First thing that I chose for my project is, 9/11. This was a dark time for all of America at the time. 9/11 took place November 11, 2001. It was organized by 19 al Qaeda terrorists. The terrorists hijacked 4 commercial planes. Two of the four headed to the World Trade Center while the third headed for the Pentagon. After learning the actions of the three planes, the fourth crash landed in an empty field somewhere in Western Pennsylvania. This is considered the largest number of fatalities that were caused by a foreign attack that happened on American soil which resulted in almost 3,000 deaths. When the people of America found out the events, millions went to help fight and protect against ...view middle of the document...

All that was left was a half a mile wide crater. The blast was large enough and had enough heat to change the sand into glass. This event is important because it made the world evolve into a nuclear state for a while. This changed America because it was the first known and successful atomic bomb.
Thirdly I chose the California Gold Rush. The gold rush lasted from about 1848 up until 1850. When news spread to the East about large golden nuggets being mined, Settlers were hungry for money. Settlers raced to California so they could get their share of gold before it was all gone. In the ending of 1849, the non native population living in California shot up to about 100,000. By the end of the gold rush faze, a total of two billion dollars worth of precious gold was mined and more than 750,000 pounds of gold had been taken by the greedy miners.
Next I chose the battle at Pearl Harbor. The actual war between America and Japan began in the 1930’s when Japan started to conquer the Eastern area in Asia which was a major asset in America’s trading. America was surprised that the Japanese were capable of that much power. America immediately canceled all trading with Japan. Japan took this as a threat and declared war on America. The Japanese started conquering the Southeast region of Asia. Japan made a plan to surprise attack the U.S. The use of aircraft carriers and naval aviation went on large scale for the Japanese. Japan started training their pilots and marines in tactics. In October 1941, Japan got clearance from leaders in their country to attack America. Their attack centered around six heavy aircraft and by 24 large vessels. The Japanese secretly departed for Oahu, Hawaii on November 26, 1941. On December 7, the Japanese were coming close to Oahu. At the time, the U.S. were not at Pearl Harbor but quickly sent troops when they heard of the attacks had begun. The battle began at approximately 6:00 am on December 7. After the fight, less than 10% of the Japanese artillery and troops made it back to Japan. This is an important part of history because Pearl...

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