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I did have some prior notions before researching about the country of Peru. I thought that the country has much less instabilities internally and externally. Looking at the statistics, the country had more problems than I thought. There were more problems in the country that we did not address because it had nothing to do with environmental problems. For example, it was interesting to find out that Peru was one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world and traffickers are still expanding their efforts. In addition, the country still has an insurgence group that is still active in the south part of Peru, called Shining Path. It is a Chines communist group that threatens the stability of ...view middle of the document...

Once again, our communication was flawless and effortless among each other. I would say that our communication with each other was our strongest aspect. Communicating effectively helped us schedule quickly and work well with each other to make the final product.
Once again, there were no major conflicts among each other. Sometimes one of us could not be with us for the group meeting, but that did not stop us from completing a lot of work. We simply did not care if someone was not going to be there on a certain day because most of the work could be done without the missing individual. Not caring too much was simply a beneficial factor that we all of us had because we knew all the work could be completed on time.
For the most part, we were very lucky that we could communicate effectively with each other. In addition, our group was effective because there were not too many times where someone could not be with us for the group meeting. We were lucky for the fact that our schedules were not too busy or filled up.
There was not too much difference between my initial perceptions about the country and after I did research. For the most part I had a lack of knowledge about the country and I did not have any notions or any bias opinions prior to the research. I went in with a fresh mindset, which did not affect my research or change my opinion about the country in any way. The only notion that I had about the country is that I thought it was doing much better.
After I did research, my mindset about the country did change for the simple fact that I knew more about Peru than previously. I found out that the country’s economy is...

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