Five Themes Of Geography On Kuwait

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Kuwait is a country of great oil infused sand. It lies on the coordinate of 28-31 degrees North Latitude, and 47-48 degrees East Longitude. It's relative location for people that don't know how to read latitude and longitude. Kuwait is situated west of the Persian Gulf, northeast of Saudi Arabia, and south of Iraq. Kuwait is lucky to have this location mainly because they have some of the richest oil reserves in the world and the country sits on a waterway. It is easier for them to export the oil to places like the United States.
Kuwait is a land of not much variation in the environment. The country is nearly one hundred percent desert. What makes up for this lack of environment is below the sand. Kuwait is situated in the Middle East where the most oil in the world is found. Physically Kuwait has no resources to provide for other countries other than oil. It is always hot other than at night which can be very cold. This is when most people prefer to travel in. Culturally again Kuwait doesn't have much variation. The country consists of about eighty five to ninety percent Muslim, and about ten to fifteen percent Christian, Kin, Hindu, etc. In the culture of Kuwait women are protected very well from the outside world. Women aren't allowed to talk in public to each other and if they do not for very long. It is illegal for men to ask a question about another man's wife or daughter. Finally women have to cover up their whole body when they go out in public or are even in their house.
Kuwait doesn't really interact with a lot of countries. The reason why is a couple years ago Iraq invaded Kuwait and took over Kuwait's oil industry so they try not to make any countries mad by interacting with them. Although they do trade a little bit with the countries that helped free them from...

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