Five Things To Consider Before You Launch Your Fashion Brand Online

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Source: Things to Consider Before You Launch Your Fashion Brand OnlineAug 14, 2013 • Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media, Startups • Arbia SmitiThe online market is a great place to launch a new fashion brand. It allows your products to be available to the international fashion market and an online launch can be done for much less money than opening a traditional brick and mortar store. However, the right e-commerce technology and marketing is necessary to get your brand the exposure it needs to be seen. Here are five things to consider before launching your fashion brand online.1. Established Marketplace Vs. Your Own MarketplaceThere are two main ways that you can launch your fashion brand online. You can launch your products on an established marketplace or you can create your own marketplace. It will cost more money and take more time to create your own marketplace. To start your own marketplace site to sell your fashion brand, you would need to design a website, set up an e-commerce system and market, market and market some more to draw people to your new site. Launching your fashion brand on an already established marketplace can be an easier and quicker option. All of the e-commerce setup and marketing have already been done. You don't have to worry about hiring web designers and marketing specialists to draw traffic to the site. For example, Carnet de Mode is an international marketplace that features cutting-edge fashion items from talented designers all over the world. It is an established marketplace that consumers who are in search of fashion items regularly visit. The designers featured on these types of sites only have to worry about their fashion products, not the back-end e-commerce technology.2. Defining Your Customer BaseBefore you launch your fashion brand, you...

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