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"Fixing Elections" Essay

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History 15BApril 13, 2004DorabjiFixing Elections Essay In Steven Hill's book Fixing Elections; the word "fixing" has a double meaning to it. The first way it refers to is the correcting problem, like it is broken and needs to be fixed. The second way it refers to is a corrupt securing of the process of favoring one side over the other. These two ways show that our country has problems with the voting, and the process that it is done in. The voting standard of the "winner take all" system is the basic problem discussed in Hill's book. This winner take all system means that you are not guaranteed to be represented in the office, no matter where you stand politically. There is a high ...view middle of the document...

Minorities are also the burden of money. Often the minority population are forgotten about by the politicians and left behind for states with a large electoral college. It is proposed in this book that the idea of this voting system will not be changed any time soon. As long as the economy is going along well, everything will stay the same. People in the U.S. do not realize how important their vote and voice is in this form of government. Americans need to be encouraged to wake up and fight back. The idea of congruence is introduced by the author. This means that the government will do what the majority of citizens want, and not what they mostly don't want to do. Making our government a two-party system is also introduced by Hill. The goals of the politicians would be the determining factor in that system. There would either be a one that has two different sides drastically opposite of each other, and the other being one with the politicians and voters converge and satisfy the larger amount of people. The policies and campaign techniques are created by the politicians. If the method was fixed up a little, the voters could choose their favorite. "Voting systems on policy is a tricky business, often shedding more heat than light" (224). Having a proportional voting system seems to be the most reasonable suggestion suggested in the book. The minorities seemed to be left out, with little representation. This system gives some more weight on a vote and less to those of a minority. No changes will take place though if no effort is put into a real change.

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