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Fixing The Future Essay

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”Smith, is there a wormhole that would take us to Red Restina anywhere near? I wouldn’t want to try our luck with the engine, and we don’t have resources to keep this up with a fully stored neudroid ship.” Gamma asked, after he had given the females of their group an all-clear and they had gone off to get rid of the piles of guns they had on them and change their clothes.

“Unfortunately the closest I can find is in the Saturn rings and too soon for us to make it there in time.”

“How long is it until it opens?”

“30 minutes, sir.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem if we use our little special present.”

“I am not allowed to use that program unless it’s immediate emergency.” Smith told him, a ...view middle of the document...

“Alright, start the present engine.” Somewhere deep inside the ship’s heart, there started to hear a sound of humming. And engine had been turned off and it’s sound was much different to any other electronic sound around them. It was deeper and the sound waved through the walls making the whole ship shake.

“What is this engine, Gamma?” Beta asked, he had gotten up at the start of the sound and was not grabbing the back of his chair with his two hands because he didn’t know what to expect. Gamma was still sitting, his eyes on the screen before him. “Something the profs have been experimenting with.” He told them quietly, it was the first time he had tried this and even he didn’t know if it would work.

“And what is it.” Beta demanded to know, daring to let go of the chair to walk to stare at what Gamma was looking at the screen. It didn’t make sense to him.

“The engine is scanning alternative timelines and universes…” Gamma finally started explaining, his voice solemn and his brows knit together as he watched the lines and numbers finding a place to join, one by one. “Then it clips pieces and moments of them to reform the present.”

“That’s crazy,” Beta explained, grabbing Gamma’s arm and pulling it away from the control table. This was all in vain, because Gamma wasn’t really doing anything else but staring at the screen to see if he should deter his order or not. It wasn’t too late yet. But he needed to protect Camilla and get out of the neudroids’ reach or they would all be doomed.

“I didn’t come here to die along you.” Beta screeched. The first thing they were told when they entered the training academy was to keep far from alternative timelines, because in those you might have never be born and stepping there would begin the process in which your entire history was erased. Also, there were many alternative universes where you did exist, and if you met yourself without all sorts of preparations, it could lead to the end of one or both universes because two many timeliness got messed up with at once.

“It should disarray itself back to normal.” Gamma tried, but Beta could easily see the nervous sweat that was slowly forming on his forehead. He knew that the professors weren’t always sure, and sometimes they let agents out to the field with unfinished items just to see what had been done wrong the last time. Beta also knew that Gamma was just as well aware of this, there had been many stories about agents losing their lives after acting as lab rats for the professors. It was all brushed over for the fact that professors always put extreme safety measures to make sure there was no way the program or item could be used by accident, that way they could put the blame on the agents themselves. A big reason why the professors and agents didn’t get...

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