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Flagships In The Mobile Industry For Htc

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It’s raining flagship time for mobile Industry. While Sony and Samsung announced their next best flagships at MWC last month, the Apple of Android, yeah HTC showed off its worst kept secret last evening. Yes, as expected it did tick right in many corners like awesome design, excellent build quality, gorgeous display, a humane software et cetera. So the Magical Six of TechGreet melt down talking about HTC’s next Flagship? Read On with a cup of Boba Tea.

Karthek: What Peter Chou holds in his hands is nothing less than a pinnacle of smartphone and its called HTC One (M8)… This reminds me of Alpha Romeo 8C, Aston Martin DB9, and Dodge Neon SRT-4 to name a few. It’s bizarre. Common HTC you could have come up with better name (HTC One Two would’ve been quirky). The original HTC One was iPhone of Android domain which reflected excellence from all viewing angles. Undoubtedly, HTC has tried to make it even better than previous generation One. It’s taller at 5 inches and less dense in terms of pixels, boy, it still sports a great display. Now it’s almost entirely metal and glass with no hard/sharp edges. The darker brushed metal feel with subtle curves will make you adore it every day. That’s super engineering. Applause for that!!!

With BoomSound Speakers that are 25% louder than outgoing One thanks to the finely tuned, multi-band amplifier, looks to be perfect iPod replacement. There are minor upgrades with BlinkFeed or HTC’s Flipboard. It now supports information from Foursquare and Fitbit. Yay, HTC One(M8) can now act as a Fitbit Activity Tracker. Kudos

There is new Sense aka “Sixth Sense”. Didn’t we mention humane software sometime back? Call it Sense Six or Sixth Sense, it does some trick. It’s intuitive and bold and now offers personalization with different color and graphics theme. That makes SENSE. Talking about the camera, it’s finicky like last year’s One and it’s now fused with a second camera lens on the back which captures true depth. I find it gimmicky but can turn meaningful. HTC has done great workaround with Camera Interface which is slick with several camera modes and Samsung like gimmicky all the way. For Selfie lovers, HTC now covers you with a wide-angle front camera. That’s a common sight. Powering the device is a 2600mAh non-removable battery that HTC claims lasts 40% longer than M7 and early reviews say the device does last for a day with heavy usage and this is where HTC oozes excellence. Overall, HTC has made a great flagship and now it all waters down to price.

Sanjay: HTC One (M8), the latest flagship device from HTC this year has been launched yesterday with innovative design and features as expected. It’s brushed metal design with a curved shape is pretty and the camera capable of removing blurry results and bigger panoramas drives me crazy. As HTC believes that more pixels can’t capture better photos but larger pixels do, yeah etho ultrapixels camera - which takes breaking pics on the move of the moments in our life....

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