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Flame Keeper Essay

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The Department of Law and Justice was located on the edge of the Community. The rushing river paired with sheer distance ensured that a general citizen would never hear more than the unusual ‘click’ of the door latching closed. Every day, the legal disputes and affairs of the Community were deftly handled within the rigid slate walls of the somber building. Inside, the fastidious members of the staff, every one of whom had been carefully assigned to their jobs at their respective Ceremonies of Twelve, served their duty to the Community with deferential purpose. The entire system within was polished down to an ordered network of equity.
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This was Eli’s first Procedure, yet the relaxed muscles on his face served to show zero signs of anxiety. Just as Eli slid a final manilla folder into the steel cabinet, the time piece clocked in at 2:14. He had a single more minute to stay punctual.
Across the hallway was the door leading to the Procedure room. Like every other door spaced along the wall, it was made of a molded synthetic medium and swung open effortlessly on glossy hinges. The only difference was the small sturdy clasp that faced outward, showing much more than it was intended to cover. Eli stood up. He pushed his chair in under the desk and crossed the hall. With skillful speed, Eli swung the latch to the side and stepped in the dim room, firmly closing the heavy door behind him. It was time to get to work.
The tenebrous shadows made the walls of the small chamber feel far further than they really were. The murky darkness sat thick on Eli’s breath. Artificial light had long rendered darkness a memory of the past for the Community. Eli slowly adjusted his eyes to the darkness as he made his way to the glowing furnace. Eli checked the thermometer on the wall and confirmed the bright hot smolder of the fired metal.
The tan-skinned man lay strapped to the table. His name was Bornbazine. The eternal night of the closed room had left him with no perception of time. He pondered. When man tries to make the night they fail, because they still can never replace the stars. Moments earlier, the wall had split and another man had entered. Bornbazine could barely lift his head against the taut strap to see the face before the bright opening shut closed. In the once again darkened room, there sat only the two men, and the hiss of flames licking away at the seared metal. What Bornbazine thought was to be his final resting place he now understood was to become a cell. The two men waited. The fire crackled away.
The timepiece back...

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