"Flannery O'conner" What Are Five Things You Learned About Flannery O'conner From Reading Her Casebook?

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Flannery O'Conner, best known for her short stories about race, religion and moral values, was a very influential writer who is still respected for her works today. There is a certain style to her works, that make them all her own. Her wonderfully captivating works also leave lots of room for interpretation.As far as interpretation is concerned, the first thing that caught my attention in her casebook was the quote, "Flannery O'Conner provides the unusual example of a writer who shared her own interpretation of her short stories with her readers." In context this means, O'Conner presented her own opinion on her works as though someone else wrote them and she was simply analyzing them. These is a very interesting way of doing things because where most people would just be proud of their work, and proclaim it as greatness, O'Conner humbled herself enough to objectively analyze and criticize her own work.Flannery O'Connor has a unique style all her own. The figures of speech used in O'Connor's writing, range from similes and metaphors to inviting imagery. One thing that O'Connor is known for is her southern dialect and use of colloquialisms. In her use of southern dialect, O'Connor adds the accent that a southerner has, by using "y'all" and other country contractions. O'Conner also expresses her Southern heritage through statements such as, "I wouldn't talk about my native state that way. Tennessee has the mountains and Georgia has the hills." She would not know as much if she hadn't lived in the South and felt that way herself at one point in time. O'Connor also portrays the southern attitude towards other races quite well. For example, she refers to an African American child as a "pickaninny" in her statement, "'...Oh look at the cute little pickaninny!' she said and pointed to a negro child standing in the door of a shack."Flannery O'Connor has few talents in her stories that reflect her home life and the way she, herself, dealt with conflicts in her life. O'Connor contributed to the identity of the South by the intelligence of her writing. But of course, the South was indeed taken aback once they started to read O'Connor's stories. O'Connor had a habit of involving uncanny characters in her stories and has the characters take part in an eerie ending that keeps the reader guessing. The South also had an effect in the style that Flannery O'Connor gained over her years of living. With Catholicism, racism, and the South's identity standing before her, she found quite a few topics to write about in her own unique way. In order to fully perceive and grasp the products of Flannery O'Connor, a closer look must be given to her style of writing, her motif of grotesque characters, and her use of religion in her stories.Imagery was a key factor when Flannery O'Connor wrote a story. Through imagery, O'Connor was able to place a picture in a head, a smell in a nose or a feeling that made the skin crawl. Imagery was used to appeal to the reader's senses, even...

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