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Flat Rent During College Essay

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The topic I would like to discuss is considering flat-rent after my graduation. Housing could be the first matter after my graduation from school since I have to move out of dorm and begin to hunt for a job. I will no longer ask for money from my parents since the day when I graduate from school. So thinking of economy condition, I consider flat-rent as my first choice when I look for house.
Speaking of flat-rent, college students might use some adjective words like “unsafe”, “inconvenient”, “noisy”, and “troublesome” to describe their opinions on flat-rent. Think about it, when a girl rents a house living with boys, how can she live with boys who she didn’t know in one house? How can she know if the boy is a good man or not? What’s more, it is also inconvenient for girls to live with boys in many aspects ranging from living habits to eating habits. Okay then, if girls live with girls, other problems come out! Believe me, girls are the most complicated creatures in the world! They are picky about little tiny things. The most frequently topic argued among girls is rent money. They will count for money for shared-house, electricity, water or gas. If someone who don’t use as much electricity as others, she won’t share the money for that. Therefore, girls might quarrel for that.
In addition to what I mentioned above, some other questions might be asked about flat-rent.
How can you deal with relations among your roommates?
How should you do if your roommate often comes back late?
How about someone who is always messy around the house or shared-places?
How about someone who never do cleaning?
How about someone who always get up early to cook when you are still asleep?
How do you know you can get on well with those people you never know before?
These questions might be the most concerned questions for those who care for us. To deal with these questions, I would like...

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