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People make decisions everyday, sometimes these decisions are good, sometimes they are bad, but how can we judge what is right or wrong. People’s feelings, and attitudes towards life vary because everyone is different and has a different perspective of good and evil. In the book Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Gregory Maguire shows us a world of fantasy where she contrast reality and fiction making emphasis in the decision making process of the characters while telling a story. Maguire makes an interesting combination of some of the characters of the famous novel The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, with some characters of her own, while trying to explain the reason of the wickedness of Elphaba the witch of the west. Many actions of the characters in Wicked can be considered as good actions while other can be considered evil. However, in order to identify the most evil character in the novel it is necessary to define “evil”. A person can be considered evil if he/she intentionally tries to take advantage of others just to obtain a personal benefit knowing that his/her actions will produce harm to others; therefore, after reading the book and taking in consideration the character’s actions, The Wizard of Oz seems to be the most evil character in the novel. The Wizard of Oz is the most evil character in the novel because he uses his knowledge and power to take advantage of others and to obtain in an easy way the things that he wants.The Wizard can be easily compared to some of the worst dictators in world’s history because he lacks of human sense, and makes everything he needs to maintain his power. In the essay “Total Domination” by Hannah Arendt, the author points out that in a totalitarian government everything is permitted to obtain the results that the ruler wants, and that is what the Wizard makes in the story. The Wizard came to the Oz land in a hot air balloon from other world (Earth), and a little bit later he puts himself as monarch of this land. During his reign, the wizard proves that his method of ruling is authoritarian and unjust, especially with animals. In the book Wicked, the wizard takes off the animal rights, producing something similar to the concentration camps and resistance forces that Arendt argues. According to Arendt, Nazis use concentration camps as way to maintain control on people, and that is what the wizard does with the Emerald City. Since the color green to the strict rules, the Emerald city is the concentration camp for Oz. However, like Nazis had their resistance movement, which were against the treatment to Jews. In Oz land there is an underground resistance group that fights for animals’ rights. To show how authoritarian is the government of the wizard, and how revengeful the wizard is, we can listen to one phrase that the wizard tells to Elphaba when she is fighting for the animals’ rights, “Beware whom you serve” (Maguire 177)....

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