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Flexible Work Schedule Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, there are many job opportunities will get in this world. It also occurs in various sectors such as industrial, agricultural, plantation, and so on. Apart from that, there also have the job which offers the certain position such as assistant accountant, secretary, manager, and so on. Furthermore, most job opportunities have their own requirements before recruit the employee or staff. Examples of the requirements are fluent in English and Mandarin, skilled in using computer, can work in team, and so on. In this technological age, many institutions were offers various type of courses such as business studies, accounting, engineering, computer science, ...view middle of the document...

It is a step backwards to go back to rock solid hours. As long as an employee getting the job done, they should treated like an adult. According to Korn-Ferry Company (2003), 46% of the talents management professionals report that they employ flexible working practices to promote employee engagement. Among candidates, 37% report that they have experienced flexible work. Moreover, flexible work schedule gives employees to choose their contracted hours. Most flexible work schedule schemes have a period during the day when employees must be present. This is called as core time. Usually, the core time would be 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Other than the core time, employees may choose when the employees want to start and finish the work within flexible bands at the beginning and ending of the day. However, there is wide scope of variation on the core time, the hours of workplace is open and the nature of the business. Furthermore, some schemes also have flexible bands during the middle of the day. So that employees have some choice to choose the time that they take their lunch break.

2.0 History of Flexible Work Schedule
According to Ronen (1981), most workers or employees were determining their own work schedules. According to Avery and Zabel (2001), a traditional full-time work schedules was assumed that employees worked an 8 hours day over 5 days a week with starting and ending times. In December 1930, W.K. Kellogg Company is the largest manufacturer of cereal in the world was changed the standard of an 8 hours per day conducted by three shifts. According to Avery and Zabel (2001), the employees morale are increased due to more leisure time, accident reduced, and the price per unit of production declined as employees worked more productively. The program was supported by many stakeholders from government to labor to business. Although the company briefly went back to offering only 8-hour shifts, due to World War II exigencies, over the next several decades, the firm began to offer both 6-hour or 8-hour shifts. According to Hunnicutt (1996), the women were the biggest supporters and users opting for the 6 hours per day. For men workers, most men continued to work the 8 hours per day. In 1980s, during an economic downturn, Kellogg’s Company take the risk to reduce headcount and benefits cost and also ended the 6 hours per day, but the flexible work schedule was corporate had occurred. The ideas of flexible work schedule are developed as primarily serving the needs of women and non-core workers. The 6-hour day initiative provides an important historical remnant for 21st century organizations, as flexible work scheduling has gradually become mainstreamed allowing for growing employee discretion over at least some aspects of work scheduling. According to Regus (2011), almost 85% of U.S. companies were offered their employees with flexible work schedule, but 35% offered to senior staff only.

3.0 Factors that driving the interested
Flexible work...

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