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Flight Of The Dragon Travel Essay

1924 words - 8 pages

Here at Flight of the Dragon Travel, we are your one stop shop for all your vacation needs. We specialize in adventure travel and amazing Japanese vacations, but anything you can dream, we can plan. Want to go on an African safari? Let our experienced agents plan it for you. Want to visit the sloths in Costa Rica while at the same time be pampered in a posh spa? We can handle that as well. Give us your dreams and we will make them come true.
It is a great concept, but every great concept needs an even greater backbone of highly trained employees to keep it running smoothly. It’s my job to assemble this backbone. We need a diverse team of experienced agents, web savvy agents, and new blood go getters that have the drive to go out and draw in customers. In the following pages, I will detail how I intend to recruit this team, train this team, and retain this team.
People have tried to say that travel agents are a dying breed, but according to the American Society of Travel Agents (2013), in 2012, agents sold 64% of air travel, 64% of cruises, and 66% of tour packages. That is a huge chunk of the travel market, and we need experienced agents to be able to capitalize on those numbers. Around half of those sales were through online travel agencies, and that is why we need web savvy agents. We need agents that are able to jump in and answer any questions that people using our online booking system might have. We also need new, young, trainable agents because they are the heartbeat of the business. They are the future of the industry, and planning for the future is imperative to a company’s survival.
By the conclusion of this presentation, I will have detailed a step by step plan on building a team that will be highly beneficial to Flight of the Dragon Travel. A mixture of experience and diversity is the key to making this a successful operation, and I intend to build the perfect team.
Job Description

All agents employed by Flight of the Dragon Travel should have excellent customer service skills due to the extensive customer and agent interaction involved in travel planning process. All agents will be required to use a computer, and must have the ability to understand travel schedules. Agents must be well organized and able to provide customers with information in a timely manner. They must have the ability to plan, describe, and book the customer’s travel itinerary, and each must stay up to date on the ever-changing travel landscape in order to satisfy the customer’s travel needs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (2012), a high school diploma is usually all that is required for an entry level position. That is also true here at Flight of the Dragon Travel, but all entry level employees will be required to take a home based travel agent class to supplement the training that they will have to...

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