Flipping A House: Real Estate Strategy

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When working within the realm of real estate, flipping houses is one of the most lucrative projects one can undertake. The premise of this idea is buying a home in need of repair, renovating it, and selling it at its newly appraised value. In high school, I worked alongside my mother to renovate a home in our small town of Trinidad, Colorado. The invaluable lessons I learned throughout this business venture gave me insights into the inner workings of house flipping. What I gained from this experience will lead to better decision making if I choose to take on another project. With a $150,000 budget, the most important aspects to focus on in a renovation would include updating appliances, applying fresh paint, installing proper flooring, and revamping the exterior. Assuming that the home being foreclosed on costs $110,000, I would allocate $20,000 of my budget for renovation expenses. This leaves a $20,000 buffer to be used as an emergency fund.
First and foremost, it’s essential that the appliances are addressed. Appliances are the “age spots” of a house. As a result of planned obsolescence, products such as refrigerators and dishwashers are meant to be replaced every ten to fifteen years. This leads to the innovation of new ideas during product manufacturing. For example, when manufacturers released stainless steel refrigerators, the once-popular white models with the convenient ice distributer quickly became outdated. This illustrates a simple rule: investing in new appliances is one of the quickest ways to make a home feel as though the builders recently made the finishing touches and packed up their tools. They instantly modernize the house. This is the reason new appliances weigh so heavily in a buyer’s decision when choosing a home. It should be the first category considered when budgeting for a house flip. I would budget $5,000 for new appliances. This estimate includes a new refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, wall oven, and a washer and dryer duo. Staying away from the most expensive options while still buying something of quality will help one stay under budget. After these purchases, the remainder of my budget would be $15,000.
The next item on the checklist is paint. Changing the wall color of a room can instantly change its atmosphere. It can be a tricky matter, however, because everyone has his or her own color preferences. To prevent catering exclusively to a demographic of people who want red on every wall, it’s best to use a standard color palette. The keyword is “neutral.” Neutral colors provide a blank slate for those interested in the house to make the space their own. With this in mind, I’d choose no more than three different shades of a warm cream color for the walls. I’d allot $700 to purchase the paint needed for the interior walls of the house, buying roughly 20 gallons of Behr paint that serves as both paint and primer. After these purchases, there’s room for $14,300 for my remaining purchases....

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