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Flood Mitigation Essay

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CONTENTSPART 1Introduction..................................... 3Primary ResearchMethods of collecting data.................. 4Description of Results........................ 5 - 9Conclusion..................................... 10- 11PART 2Secondary ResearchFlood Mitigation in Nyngan, Warren, the Upper .....................................12Parramata RiverRecent floods in Tenerife, India, China and Korea ....................................13Bibliography.................................................................................14Appendix A - Constructed Flood Mitigation Works In Kempsey ....................15Appendix B - Maps of Kempsey Flood Mitigation Works and Flood Levels.......16IntroductionIn 1949 floods devastated the town of Kempsey. In March 2001 Kempsey suffered severe flooding, this raised once again the issue of flood mitigation systems in KempseyThe State Emergency Service Act was introduced in 1989 to deal with floods. The Act recognises precisely and formally the role of the SES and enshrines preparation and planning as required activities and ensures that supporting organizations such as the Disaster Welfare Service are more fully involved in the planning of process than was earlier the case . The central initiative in this field is the New South Wales state flood plan, which lays down procedures for flood planning, flood warning arrangements and response and recovery operations throughout the state. The plan has also required each SES division and each local government area in which a flood threat exists to prepare a plan . In line with these requirements Kempsey council has produced a Floodplain Management plan. In practice this has raised issues in Kempsey such as who is to pay and how much flood mitigation we need.Flood mitigation is a topic that touches many issues, land management, coastal management, and most particularly water management. It is also relevant to urbane growth and decline because regular flooding affects homes and town facilities. Flood management also touches on biodiversity because it may sometimes change an environment effecting local fauna and flora, which may in turn effect such industries as tourism and fishing.Part 1Description of methods of collecting dataThe starting point of my research was finding local opinions. This was done by reading the local newspapers, particularly the "Argus", where there were often relevant items in the letters section. Local flooding was also reported.Local opinions were also sought from a random variety of adult ratepayers that I interviewed locally. I don't expect this to represent the results of shire surveys but to raise issues that are of local concern about the suggested flood mitigation levy.The next lot of research was with the computer and The World Wide Web where I searched for archived national news stories of flooding in Kempsey and its consequences. Then I took a broader view and looked for any articles relevant to flooding in Kempsey of which I found...

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