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By having two separate flood stories, one is able to realize that there are multiple accounts of the creation and flood stories further developing varying beliefs among society today.

4) In both the P and J versions, a peaceful beginning is tarnished by human misdemeanor. In the P version God counters these transgressions with the flood, marking the beginning of a new era of creation, which is protected by the covenant of Noah. However, the J source presents a narrative cycle of transgressions and divine responses, of which the flood is one instance, which collectively build up the conditions and problems of the present world. The P account of creation is glorious and ...view middle of the document...

The J story focuses on the character of Adam and Eve and their moral and psychological struggles. Moreover, the J sources’ “creation is complicated by the snake’s deception, the humans’ disobedience, and God’s punishment and exile of the humans. The humans’ act of violating God’s trust anger’s him into wanting to penalize them for their sins, further calling for a flood.
2) The P version and the J version of the flood story both take place in Mesopotamia. Furthermore, Noah’s ark lands in Ararat (Urartu) which is located in Hurrians.

1)In both versions of the flood story, “God decides to send the flood to destroy life, because humans are perpetually evil (J) and have corrupted the Earth (P).” But God’s instructions in reference to the amount of animals that Noah shall bring on the ark varies from J source to P source. In the J source, God asks for “seven pairs of all clean animals and a pair of all unclean animals” to be loaded into the ark. However, in the P version God asks for “two of every kind… [to be] taken on the ark to preserve life.”...

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