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Life in America for immigrants was destined to take a new turn after the 1924 national origins quota act legislation whose main target was to exclude immigrants who were considered undesirable. The undesirable immigrants were mainly those who had migrated to United States of America but could not pass the bar of eligibility to become American citizens. It is then that investigations on what was occasioning racial conflicts as well as what had motivated such immigrants to settle in the pacific coast were launched by a group of sociologists, and this is how we come to meet Flora Belle who is one of the interviewees and who strongly denounces her traditional cultural values. She portrays ...view middle of the document...

Her actions towards the idol worship effectively make her a modern woman rather than a traditional one who should have shown loyalty for their god at the shrine.
Further, Flora did not sit back and watch the American hypocrisy that was particularly perpetrated in college. During her time in college, there existed sorority organizations whose membership was purely restricted to only the rich girls. Her prospect to become a member of the organization was further dealt a major blow due to the fact that she was a Chinese girl and this motivated her to hit out at the management of such welfare organizations. Of course those times had seen several other college girls being denied a chance to be members of such organization for the simple reasons that they were not rich or they were not typical American girls and many of them had to endure the discrimination without a word. On her part, Flora was willing to go against the grain of college culture and demand fairness in admission to the sorority girls’ organization through criticism of the barriers that had been put in place. This was a bold step that reflects a modern woman who is always ready to disregard whatever the custom is and engineer a change that would bring fairness to all. Such is an act that further defines Flora as a modern woman rather than a traditional one.
Flora was a personality who paid no attention to racism as well as sexism...

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