Florence Nightingale: A Biography Essay

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While pondering of war, people tend to think of all the dead and wounded. Most do not wonder about how soldiers are treated. The nurses and hospitals play a huge role in war. Soldiers must be properly cared for. One woman influenced nursing tremendously. Florence Nightingale fulfilled her purpose in life by becoming a nurse during the Crimean War.
Florence Nightingale’s family had an enormous impact on her career. Born on May 12, 1820, Florence was born into a wealthy family who named her from her Italian birthplace (Iggulden 236). Frances Nightingale, Florence’s mother, was a very social women (biography.com). She taught social graces to Florence including how to properly take care of the household (“Florence Nightingale”). This was well needed because Florence was socially awkward. She was not comfortable being the center of attention, but she strived to please her mother which was her main goal. Florence’s father, William Shore Nightingale, was a landowner with many properties (biography.com). In Hampshire, he taught Florence and her sister Parthenope. The subjects he taught included the following: Latin, Greek, French, Italian, German, history, and philosophy (Iggulden 236). As a result, Nightingale's family influences her occupation.
Through experiences, Nightingale was able to start preparing for her career. When Florence was 17 years old, she refused to marry Richard Monckton. “Nightingale explained her reason for turning him down, saying that while he stimulated her intellectually and romantically, her moral… active nature… requires satisfaction, and that would not find it in this life” (biography.com). Also, she turned him down to focus studying (“Florence Nightingale”). In 1836, Florence visited the London Society. Two years later, in 1839, she was presented to Queen Victoria (Iggulden 236). These events were important in her career, but she was more helped during her summers. every summer was spent in Derbyshire, with her family. Florence was generous and took food, clothing, and medicine to people who couldn’t afford it. Kindly, she nursed an orphan and grandmother (Iggulden 236). These events helped Florence when becoming a nurse.
After many years, Nightingale's occupation finally developed. Florence desired training in London. She asked Dr. Fowler of Salisbury Infirmary, but sadly, he decline. Without hesitation, Florence began studying for herself (Iggulden 237). Even though it was Florence’s dream, her parents were not pleased. Despite her parent’s opinion, Florence “enrolled at Lutheran Hopsital of Pastor Fliedner in Kaiserswerth, Germany” (biography.com). Finally, her career began at the age of 32. She started as a new nurse in the Establishment of Gentlewomen During Illness. When she started, she insisted on clean rooms (Iggulden 237). She gained more knowledge of nursing when she studied in Paris at 33 years old (“Florence Nightingale”). The beginnign of her career lef to many great opportunities.
One of Florence’s...

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