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Florence nightingale was born in 1820. She has acquired much credit to her name in the field of nursing. She has credit as the founder of modern nursing and also for being the first nursing theorist. Nightingale proposed that nursing should have specific training and education. She is widely known as the lady with the lamp. Florence nightingale has the credit for coming up with environmental adaptation theory on nursing.
Her theory states that people are composed of biological, social, spiritual and psychological components. The theory observes that disease is a portrayal of the absence of comfort. It states that nursing is distinct and different from medicine. She asserts that symptoms inform nurses of the presence of illnesses that allow for appropriate care and intervention. The theory states that when people break natural laws of the environment they cause diseases. These natural laws include fresh air, pure water, cleanliness, light and efficient drainage among other factors. The theory also asserts that overall improvement in the health of individuals and families lead to improved health for the whole society. Nightingale focused on physical factors rather than psychological requirements of patients. This happened because of the nature of nursing that existed at her time. Her theory for nursing was holistic in nature. Her concepts put together individual human beings, society, health, environment, disease and nursing. She had the belief that people could alter the environment to improve the existing conditions so that natural laws could favor healing to occur. She observed this on the ground that poor and unsafe environments could lead to poor health and the infection of diseases. Therefore, nursing had the goal of providing the patient with the best condition that allowed nature to act towards their healing.
My visual representation is a photograph of person who standing beside an open sewer line. One of his hands is holding a bin of waste and the other hand is holding a piece of hamburger. The person has no gloves on either of his hands. The situation here shows that this man is eating while at the same time holding waste in a contaminated and filthy environment. The environment contains environmental health hazards that should not exist where a person can have any meal or snack. More so, this man has no protection against any germs that can cause health risks. The physical environment is stale and the person does not seem to care about cleanliness or fresh air.
This visual representation clearly depicts the environmental theory brought forward by Florence nightingale. The theory states that environmental factors influence the health safety of an individual. The theory suggests that for a person to maintain proper health, his environment should be clean, well ventilated, have fresh air and appropriate sewage disposal. Lack of these factors could lead to detrimental health effects. This visual representation shows a complete...

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