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Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Essay

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The FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) is an exam to test the knowledge of high school students. The test is admired by lots and loathed by many. Those who can't withstand the test choose to refer to it as the "Florida Child Abuse Test". This one test can hold on to the very thing you've been working forever since kindergarten years: you're diploma. Is it fair to base your whole graduation on this so-called "educational " test? We the students say "yes".The FCAT should the ticket out of high school! The people who like to speak "for" the test usually get booed of stage and all the way home. Although you can dislike the test you have to agree that it's an awfully easy exam. If students who claim the FCAT is a horrendous test (which are usually the people who didn't pass) studied a tad bit more they would have no problem passing with high scores. Instead they worry more about "I have nothing to wear!" also "I'm going to fix up my car this weekend" than "hey, I cant go out this weekend because the FCAT starts next week and I have to study"Do students ever pay attention to their teachers? No, half of the time they are too tired to do work or to study, and they choose to not care about what the teacher has to say. In the ninth grade, the entire mathematics and language arts department take a little over three months to focus purely on the FCAT to prepare students for the upcoming year. The math and English teachers in tenth grade take all of the prior months of the "dreadful" exam to focus mainly FCAT material, if students do not wish to day attention; well there is no reason to blame that on anyone but himself or herself. They do...

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