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Florida Education Essay

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Florida is a state that regards education in ways that many claim to be confusing and inaccurate. State officials are seeking additional power on the local level to assist in modifying the problems that exist. Many agree on this issue, however, there are disagreements on how Florida should go about correcting the problems. Among the major dilemmas are standardized tests, the No Child Left Behind law, and the grading system. Florida needs to reconsider these aspects of education in order to clarify the progress of all schools.
Primarily, standardized testing has been the ongoing problem for many of Florida’s schools. Each year the state must create and issue new tests, and 2014 is no different. The major reconstruction will come from the riddance of FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test), but, according to state education officials, “they are on schedule to replace… [it] within 18 months” (2014, McGrory). The plans for the updated tests include switching to new standards and benchmarks that will better measure progress for Florida students. The National Governors Association first created these standards, which would later be adopted by 45 states. The standards highlight aspects that the previous standards neglected. In addition to new standards, Florida must adopt a new company to issue these standardized tests. The original choice was the Partnership for Assessment of College and Career Readiness, but proposal calls eliminated the PARCC from the running. Now, five companies are fighting for the top spot. The chosen company will be announced in late March, which concerns many. Many argue that the state needs to take time to create a new test that is well thought-out and can be issued for many years to come. The Florida Association of District School Superintendents enforces this opinion. Superintendents also agree, believing time is the only thing that will help develop the proper tests for students and teachers. Senator Bill Montford (Tallahassee Democrat) claims the answer is “obvious to superintendents” (2014, McGrory). State officials are not the only people discussing this situation; parents are voicing their opinions on the matter too. Parent groups insist that the proposed imposition of these new tests is not “wise, fair, or smart” (2014, McGrory), and even argue that the benchmarks should be completely removed. However, this solution seems very unlikely for Florida. The issue went viral, with an enormous amount of public comments and opinions during Fall hearings. In the future, Florida’s educational department will revise tests to correct many issues that state officials have brought to attention. As a current high school student, I have seen the effects of FCAT first-hand. Some of my classmates have been placed into remedial classes after failing FCAT, despite receiving an “A” in the class. In rare cases, students have been declined diplomas based on insufficient scores. Theses tests should not be the only factor in measuring a...

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