Florida International University Visual Messaging A Digital Out Of Home Communication And Advertising System

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The initially proposal solely addressed Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising. The scope has expanded to better meet the needs of FIU. These needs were determined through interviews and conversations with Administration, Staff, Students, and a series of informal visual communication audits of the campuses.

Needs Assessment

1.There is a desire to communicate visually to the student body on campus. This is evidenced by the proliferation of various visual media throughout the campus. Examples: "flip charts" and whiteboards on easels in hallways, various types of paper-based bulletin boards, table displays with banners and collateral materials, student organizations activity frames and posters, vertical mylar banners on freestanding supports, various wayfinding signs, placards, fixtures, and numerous flat screen televisions in various locations and uses throughout the campus.

2.Regarding visual messaging, in several areas due to lack of standard operating procedures cognitive overload has been achieved. Over saturation of the environment with too many visual messages delivered by disparate media dilutes the effectiveness of all visual communication contained therein.

3.Large inconsistencies in the amount of visual communication exist. Some areas of the campus have far too much, while many areas have little or none at all. This causes inconsistency in the expectations and the behavior of students and guests. Students who frequent the areas that are visual display rich can get too much information (overload), while for example commuter students that to go from their car, to class, and back to their car might be underserved.

4.Inconsistencies in the presentation and production of the visual content vary greatly. Some content is produced with very high production value, while other content can be as simple as handwritten magic marker on paper. Generally this production inconsistency distracts from the effectiveness of the communication medium.

5.As a corollary to item 4 above, in a sheer marketing sense, FIU brand and logo usage is very inconsistent. Unfortunately this haphazard usage diminishes the overall impression and causes brand dilution.

6.Due to the diversity of the visual media and its distribution, there is little ability for the University to have oversight, approval, and control. Examples: one college might have electronic wayfinding displaying a style and usage completely inconsistent with similar displays in other college(s). Other examples include students posting notices with profane language on paper bulletin boards throughout the campus. One must physically remove all such notices wherever posted. Better to have filtered this objectionable content in a formal approval process, then have to play catch-up after the fact.

7.Many of the current flatscreen display systems have been purchased and installed, in an ad hoc basis. There is little if any consistency between models of displays, signal...

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