Florida Government – Current Top Issues

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Florida Government – Current Top Issues
To begin with, it should be noted, that the government of Florida is operated and established according to the Constitution of Florida, which is the main law document of the state. According to the Constitution the government is composed of three branches. First of all it is the executive branch consisting of the ruling Governor of Florida and the other appointed and elected constitutional officers. Second is the legislative branch, or the Florida Legislature. It consists of the House and Senate, as well as some other functions such as state auditors or the utility-regulating Public Service Commission. Third branch of the government of Florida is the judicial branch. It consists of the Supreme Court of Florida and other lower courts.
It should be highlighted, that the major issues of Florida state government issues lie in the legislative sphere, and are seriously discussed in the society. With a slowly recovering economy producing more revenue appears a serious question of passing a new state budget. It faces plenty of complicated challenges, which are ranging from increasing pressure to expand and fund Medicaid, the state-federal health care program for the disabled and the poor, to an ongoing debate over education standards, school grades and the whole testing process. According to the research, despite the anticipated increase in Florida state revenue, lawmakers and the governor ask state agencies to outline a potential five percent cut in their spending that will be used in evaluating the next budget. It can be named as one of the most actual budget issue in Florida.
Second serious issue follows from the first and implies the tax sphere. Lawmakers are likely to back tax cuts, but the scope of the cuts and what type of taxes will be seriously reduced will be part of the social debate. Senators and deputies work with a variety of proposals, including a further serial reduction in the number of businesses owing the state corporate income tax, an expanded sales tax holiday, lower property taxes and a reduction in the communications services tax, which Floridians pay on their phone and cable TV bills. Lawmakers are also interested in cutting the motor vehicle fees that were palpably raised in 2009, when the Florida state was struggling to balance its budget, facing declining revenues.
On the other side, business groups and real estate agents are interested in serial eliminating of the state sales tax on commercial property leases. According to their opinion, Florida is one of the few governments that tax such arrangements. They propose lawmakers to agree to a phased reduction that would lower the 6 percent tax over time.
Next serious state issue is that Florida is one of forty five states that have agreed to establish Common Core national education standards for reading and math. There appears a criticism from part of conservatives, who view Common Core as a move for more federal involvement in...

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