Flunking College 101 Essay

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A better life, a more stable future, the ability to provide for yourself and future family are things that a good college education can give to you, but if you saw these things as unnecessary to your life, then if you follow these simple steps you will learn how to avoid going that route in your life. You will learn three simple steps to ruin your life by flunking out of college and they are skipping your classes, not doing any class work, and wasting all your college loan money. If you follow these steps then you too can flunk out of college.
Step one, skip all your classes. Now at first glance this step may seem simple, but not always . Here are so helpful tips . To start with you need to register for classes and pay for them; after this is done you need to go celebrate the beginning of the end of your college life by partying with your friends the night before class starts. Dance, drink, and enjoy the party. In fact if your class starts at nine in the morning party till eight then go to sleep. What you need to understand is that while you are resting real college students or the nerds as you refer to them are getting up on time and going to class. They know if you skip class the instructor will eventually drop you from their class which for us is a good thing. If you somehow still have energy and think that you should go to class do not. Remember it’s for nerds, so I suggest that you play video games. Who needs meaningful achievement in life like a degree if you can get the hit combo in Street Fighter? If the urge to do something meaningful with your life by attending you classes is still there then kill some time by getting on the internet. Nothing makes time fly faster than checking your Facebook, or sending and reading other peoples twits, or posting on Instagram. Post, repost, comment, tag, and messaging on these sites are a great way to completely kill time. Again skipping is the first step makes sure never to go to class.
Steps two if you somehow stumble into one of your classes don’t worry. Just...