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Audience and Purpose
This is a unique time for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Not only is Governor Tom Corbett seeking re-election, he has also facing some very low approval ratings from the citizens. That a new law entitled The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act in Pennsylvania has been proposed, with bi-partisan support from the state senators, makes it the perfect time to make voters aware of the issue and what they can do to influence the Governor (who at the time had said he would veto this bill).
The audience for this flyer is adults who are registered to vote. This is a “Hot Button” issue that can also impact some of the unregistered young adults who are comfortable with ...view middle of the document...

The flyer format was also selected because it could be easily posted in stores, public areas, and even be used as a handout in a face-to-face promotion.
The content of this flyer has a number of elements:
• It provides a statistic that assists the reader
• It has an emotionally impactful photograph
• It shows that there is agreement from both political parties
• It shows a list of diseases that a person can potentially identify with
• The diseases show that ages that can be helped are all inclusive
• The ‘call to action’ is a simple e-mail message
These components were the most impactful way to send the message without going into the issues of drug laws and abuse. The focus was clearly on the positive medicinal value of a plant.
Including the phrase “prescribed by a physician” was intentional so that no one would doubt that this is a controlled substance similar to any prescription medicine that would be purchased from a pharmacy.
The flyer was meant to read from left to right. Using the statistical information to encourage the reader to identify with the majority (or question themselves as to why they don’t) and then proceeds to the emotionally impactful picture of a young child holding her mom’s hand for consolation. The identifying information giving the child’s name and age is another emotional tug but also has the ability to make the problem real since she is a real person with a story and not a paid stock photo. The middle section was to assure the reader that this bill has support from both Republican and Democratic members of the Pennsylvania state government. That the marijuana that would be available would be medicinal and only prescribed by a doctor and that in the medicinal formulation the number of diseases (of which they potentially know someone who is suffering from the disease) is astounding.
As the reader moves to the bottom of the flyer they are asked to act. They are told who to contact and how to contact them. ...

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