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Flying To The Unknown: Character Building Moment

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There are character-building moments, I feel, in everyone’s life. Moments, which demand every part of one’s person, that demand for an entire allocation of one’s vital energies to that specific point of time, in which they present themselves. Coincidently, I have recently experienced one of those moments, one of which I’m proud to announce. However, I deem it necessary to provide a background of my struggle before I discuss the fruits of it. I began work at an early age, filling in the role that my father choose to abandon. My first jobs were horrid, working in construction with family friends on the weekends, earning only $40 a day for my low level of output. Those jobs were exhausting, and I do not miss them, but there is something beautiful in sitting down after a long day’s work, with your worn out clothes, with pulsing hands due to exhaustion, and eating a warm meal. Things fall into perspective. Things appear simple. Poverty does not appear to be so mean.
The recession hit and the economy took a turn for the worse, and hence my weekend part-time job in construction. Work became scarce and switched from being a linear to a nonlinear variable, with small jobs presenting themselves sporadically. However, despite the economic downturn, I soon became a cashier at an Arco gas station in order to continue to provide a constant flow of revenue to my home. I’ve been there for three years now, and management has been incredibly kind and conscientious towards me, fixing my shifts around my academic schedule. I have left many labor hours in that job in an effort to help out my family. My mother and younger sister have been the main source of motivation that invigorates me to do better and work hard. When I worked from 10pm (on a Friday night) to 2pm (on Saturday afternoon), all I could think was, “it...

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