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Fresh air, sunshine, great views, exploring, having fun with friends and getting a lot of exercise are all wonderful advantages to bicycling. However, there's only so many places that you can visit on a bike in your local area. If you like to ride your bike enough, you'll likely want to travel with it at some point. Many bicyclists fly over to various locations to explore their trails and enjoy their sites, but there's the issue of getting your bike to go with you on the plane ride. Here are some tips to help you get your bike to your destination in a safe and cost-effective manner.


There are several ways of storing your bike for the plane ride. A common and usually preferred method is in a cardboard or hard shelled box. This requires taking some components such as the pedals and handlebars off, wrapping the bike up in proper packaging material like sheet plastic or bubble wrap, placing a “fragile” sticker on the box and sealing it up as well as possible. Make sure to pack the bike as tightly as possible to prevent the bike from moving around in the box or getting damaged during transport. This method offers the best protection for your bicycle.

Another option is to use a special bicycle casing. These are custom-made fabric cases that sometimes have hard shells meant for transporting bicycles. This is a good method since it conforms to the shape of your bicycle while offering plenty of cushioning in case of abuse. However, it's fairly expensive to get a quality bike bag.

A cheap but effective method is a large plastic bag. This offers the least protection, but it is quick, easy and cheap. It's also suggested that baggage handlers take care of bikes in see-through plastic bags better since they can see the bike and handle it in a more proper manner.

Following Rules, Regulations and Airline Policy

Before you even book your flight, you should read every bit of information that the airline has about...

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