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Fm Radio: The Rise And Fall Of The Radio Dj?

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Odds are if you have ever had a favorite radio show on a favorite FM radio station, it’s only a memory from days gone by. The age of the FM radio DJ has been a large part of our culture in the past, but is has slowly been coming to an end. Djs were a very important part of the 60s and pirate radio as well as, continuing to do so throughout the 70s and 80s. Now with the availability of internet radios and national radio stations having a digital setlist, DJ’s no longer have the sway over the radio stations that they work at or the ability to play what they like when they like.

The FM DJ came to be a major influence on Britain's culture after the second World War. Some could say that the ...view middle of the document...

” (Bastian). The reason that they were called pirate radio is because of the fact that they were indeed on ships. The first was Radio Caroline, with a handful of DJs, which lived on the boat for weeks at a time broadcasting music throughout the day and night. Radio Caroline was a ship registered as Panamanian. Since Panama had no qualms with the use of ships for broadcasting, because of this, ‘pirate’ stations would continue their activities undisturbed. Thus, the age of 60s rock and roll became available to the masses of Great Britain, with the aid of rebellious Djs spinning records all the way. By the close of 1965, there was an estimated 15 million listeners who were tuning in regularly.

The FM DJ used to be the heart of the radio station, now you are your own DJ with internet radio stations such as,, as well as many others. The issue with these stations is that even though they will allow a deep exploration of music in your stations, you will be locked in with those choices. If something new is out there you may want to hear and it doesn’t coincide with your settings, you will never know. In an article about the internet radio station called Pandora. by Kyle Bylin, a writer for Sidewinder. fm, Kyle says: “The ‘filter bubble,’ as author and activist Eli Praiser calls it, prevents users of Pandora and other such services from being exposed to songs outside their personal universe of recommendations. ”(Bylin). Essentially the online station strands you on a music island, segregating you from any sort of musical variety, where a DJ would have been able to slip in a few different songs in the mix. This can be viewed as either a downfall or a benefit of internet radio depending on how much variety you desire.

In an article called “The Revolution In Radio” Daren Fonda talks about various forms of alternative radio including, an internet radio without any advertisement, they are entirely This station is based out of California by Bill, a retired DJ, and his wife Rebecca Goldsmith. These two Djs ‘spin’ a wide range of music that includes a mix ranging from the Beatles to Norah Jones to the Strokes. Fonda writes: “If you can't bear another spin of Britney Spears, you're one of the reasons that stations like Radioparadise are beginning to prosper and investors are again flocking to another alternative to the AM/FM dial:...

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