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Fmla, Fair For Employees, Unfair For Companies

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FMLA, Fair for Employees, Unfair for Companies
Family Medical Leave Act has become a very important issue due to employees and Companies during the last decades. Is it fair or unfair for employees to have a job back after a serious medical situation? Or is it fair or unfair for Companies to grant this benefit to employees? It seems that the majority of people consider that is totally fair for employees to have their jobs back after this circumstance. On the other hand, companies or any job place consider that this affirmation can be denied because it affects them from a financial point of view. As a result, both cases will be properly explained and a conclusion will be made.
To begin, we can define FMLA as a benefit for covered employees in a job place. What is a covered employee? These are workers that have been performing their job during a period of not less than 12 months in a work place that employs 50 or more people. According to U.S Department of Labor, FMLA involves giving a concession of up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12 month period to these employees if one of these circumstances appears performing a job: i) for the birth or care and care of a newborn child. ii) for placement with the employee of a son or daughter for adoption. iii) to take care of a direct family member (spouse, parent or child). iv) not able to perform the job because of a serious health condition.

These workers must have their same position back or an equivalent having: the same benefits, salary, status and all the conditions previous to the leave. Also during the time the person is not working he/she is allowed to use their health coverage. Also I want to state that one of the requirements for the employees to have this benefit is to inform their superiors about FMLA not less than 30 days before it will happen. Is this fair? I believe is totally fair because the majority of people will have a situation like this in their job lives. A good example to ask for this benefit is the care of a newborn child. Almost every woman performing their job will need an average of a year to take care of her (pregnancy) and the child (after pregnancy).
I consider this benefit as a great opportunity to engage an excellent relationship between the job and the employees. Trust and relationships are totally related, and if a person is conceded with this benefit, you can assure not to lose him/her. This can be seen as a great management principle; because you offer the best you have to your workers in order to have a better performance on a job.
In other words, good managing involves a good manager, good staff and good environment. All these three components are entirely related and that makes the manager dependent on their employees, consequently, a good treat for them is a confident action to execute in order to have the best...

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