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Focus, Commitment, And Discipline Essay

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Joshua L. Liebman, an American Rabbi, made a profound assertion in the early twentieth century. Listed among famous quotes is Liebman’s declaration, “Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values.” Although there are some people who are able to assent to this truth and experience its significance at an early age, Liebman’s quote captures a reality that it has taken me several years to realize at a greater depth.

Fifteen years ago, I proudly walked across the stage at Milwaukee Trade & Techincal High School, having victoriously earned my High School Diploma. At that time, I was only naively aware of the road that lied ahead. I would soon begin the ...view middle of the document...

These are the character strengths I have adopted since those days in 2001, when I left Oral Roberts University and transferred to UW-Milwaukee, only to enroll in classes but never attend — since those days when I dropped out of college without even taking the time to officially “drop” my UWM course load. Since that time, I have experienced today’s work force and the slim trappings which remain for those who have not earned an undergraduate degree.

Yes, I have worked in Northwestern Mutual’s Communication Department as an Administrative Assistant; and, yes, I was employed at the Miller Brewing Company for six years as a Brand Coordinator in its Marketing Department. However, I realized I was very limited as to the positions I could obtain, and I was altogether disqualified from participating in the productivity, prestige, and power exemplified by my fellow degreed coworkers.

I am extremely grateful for those opportunities because they provided me an insider’s glance into the corporate hierarchy and they afforded me a unique opportunity to “taste” of the day-to-day work of professionals in the Communications and Marketing arenas....

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