Focus Group For A Research Study Regarding Table Usage

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Focus groups will be extremely useful in finding information about the PC/Tablet market because group dialogue tends to generate quality information. Participants’ experience and insight will cause others to share personal experiences and perspectives that will aid in gathering vital information. Using a focus group over other methods of research assures that insight will be provided that researchers know little about. These participants are invested in the issue and hold great knowledge and experience. These groups also provide representation of diverse ideas and personal opinion. This is generally a low cost and effective way to generate a great deal of important information. The only ...view middle of the document...

In the first part of the term project, it was discussed that the PC market is in great decline, and tablet computers are dominating the market. We will use a focus group to determine if college students, a large population of PC users, would prefer to use a tablet for their studies. This will show us whether or not this is a profitable market to take lead of. A discussion guide for this is provided on the next page.

College Student Tablet Use Focus Group
March 2014
Introduction: Thank you for participating today. This undergraduate tablet use focus group today will be directed by Mr. John Doe, who will ask you many questions about your use of PC’s and tablets. This information will be used to see if and how tablets are evolving the academic market and if they will, or have already, take over the market. This focus group will take approximately 1 hour. There are no wrong answers, and if you do not understand something, feel free to ask. In the unlikely event that you are asked a question that you don’t wish to answer, please just say, “pass”. We will give each participant a $25 Cougar Dollar voucher at the conclusion of this group. Please keep your answers short and to the point. Please introduce yourself, your major and your academic year.
a) Who owns a tablet?
b) What brand of tablet do you own? (Apple, Andriod, Windows, other)
c) Do you own and carry a keyboard or mouse with your tablet?
d) Who has a tablet here today?
e) Who has brought a tablet to class this week?
f) Who brings a tablet to class 2 times or less per week?
g) Who brings a tablet to class 3 times or more per week?
h) Who brings a tablet to class every day?
i) Who has used a tablet for academic work?
a. What kind of academic work?

Laptop/ Personal computers
a) Who owns a laptop/notebook computer?
b) What operating system do you use? (Windows, Mac, Linux)
c) Who has a laptop here today?
d) Who has brought a laptop to class this week?
e) Who brings the laptop to class twice or less per week?
f) Who brings the laptop to class 3 times or more per week?
g) Who brings the laptop to class almost every day?
h) Who has used the laptop for academic work?
a. Specifically, what kind of academic work?

Are there any other portable technologies that you use on campus? ...

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