Focussing On Specific Examples Of 'media Arts' Practice, Explore How The Concept Of Originality Has Been Problematised By Postmodernist Ideas?

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​Focussing on specific examples of 'Media Arts' practice, explore how the concept of originality has been problematised by Postmodernist ideas?Firstly to explore the problems of originality in postmodernism, there has to be an understanding of postmodernism, it is in fact a complicated term or even a set of ideas. The idea of postmodernism has only really been studied as an academic form since the 1980's. (Klages M, 2007) to define postmodernism is hard as it appears in many different areas of disciplines and study, for instance: Art, Architecture, Music, Film, literature, Sociology, Communications, Fashion and technology. On further research it's hard to see when postmodernism exactly begins, temporally or historically. The only evidence found of its existence seems to be in philosophical reviews and criticisms. Around the 1870's John Watkins Chapman confessed "a postmodern style of painting" to get beyond the French era of impressionism. In 1914 the article in 'The Hibbert journal' written by J.M Thompson used the idea of postmodernism to describe changes in attitudes and beliefs in the analysis and assessment religion "The raison d'etre of Post-Modernism is to escape from the double-mindedness of Modernism by being thorough in its criticism by extending it to religion as well as theology, to Catholic feeling as well as to Catholic tradition" (Thompson J, 1914) other examples include, Rudolf Pannwitz where he uses the term to describe a philosophically orientated culture. His idea came from Nietzsche's analysis of modernity and the end of its decadence and the rejection of all religious and moral principles, in the belief that life is meaningless.As it's understood postmodernism means 'after the modern' it is used in critical theory to refer to a point of departure, this would suggest that postmodernism tends to refer to a cultural, intellectual or artistic state lacking a clear central hierarchy or organizing principle embodying extreme complexity, contradiction, ambiguity, diversity, interconnectedness, in a way that is often indistinguishable from a parody of itself. It has given rise to charges of fraudulence. It seems to point towards a change, development in society and culture in terms of a rejection of the bourgeois or elitist culture (Macey, 2000).Looking at the essay by Roland Barthes titled 'Death of an author' it is possible to see how originality has been problematised by postmodernist ideas, the argument is that although the sway of a writer/author is very strong, when writing, language only knows the subject and not the person, if you take the author away from the text, making sense of that text becomes pointless. But, to reverse this and give a text an author it imposes a boundary on the text; it gives it closure a finish (Barthes 1977). Barthes goes on in his essay to argue that in society and culture all texts written being written have over the millennia been subject to what has come before them. In other words all...

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