Folic Acid Essay

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The ingredient overlord, Folic Acid is the new craze! Folate or Folic Acid is a common ingredient found in numerous household, food items. Many people use folic acid and folate as synonyms without truly knowing the difference. Folic Acid is the synthetically formed product that is altered to have the same effects as folate. Folate is what is found naturally in the earth’s product. Folate can be found in a lot of green leafy vegetables such as: lettuce, spinach, asparagus, turnip greens, mustards, collards, broccoli, and parsley (Tuszyńska, 2012). According to Tuszynska, although leafy vegetables are amongst the main group that folate can be found in, a variety of beans such as: kidney, black, pinto, green, and garbanzo also contain folate. Furthermore, folate can also be found in cauliflower, beets, lentils, cabbage, citrus fruits . Finding folate is not necessarily a hard thing to do, unfortunately, it is also the main vitamin that men aged 30-64 are heavily lacking.
In 2003 after conducting a study on the link between Folate/Folic Acid levels and mental capacity, the University of York and Hull York Medical School discovered that in 11 completely different cases and with a total of 15,315 participants, high depression rates were directly linked to low levels of folate/ folic acid within the blood vessels/ blood cells (Wisløff et al., 2012). Folic Acid (Vitamin B9 or M) has also been discovered to be one of the primary causes of: high rates of depression, diminished coordination, and poor memory (Wisløff et al., 2012). Although the participants within the study were comprised of a mixture between males and females, males had harsher effects of mood imbalances while lacking folate. In men, taking in a greater quantity of folic acid more or folate, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer developing (Wisløff et al., 2012). Although studies conducted, proved that males has a higher rate of becoming mentally and emotionally unstable when lacking folate/folic acid, woman who are carrying developing offspring within the body also suffer harsh consequences.
In pregnant females folate is a huge helper, because it allows that the baby be subject to a net of sanctity. For example, high rates of folate within an enceinte woman can assist the mother in warding off diseases that possibly could affect the baby. During pregnancy, due to rapid fetal growth and development, women are extremely and highly susceptible to folic acid deficiency (Sengpiel et al, 2013). Furthermore, neural tube defects in developing embryos associated with a mother’s folic acid deficiency are: preeclampsia, megaloblastic anemia, fetal death, spina bifida, spontaneous abortion, orofacial clefts, and an elevated risk of PTD (pre -term delivery) (Sengpiel et al, 2013). Folic Acid deficiency takes a huge role and a big impact on the way in which the growth and development of infants are affected.
For both woman and men folic acid / folate can be used as a healthy, helping hand. Folic...

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