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LyricsJasmine ()MandarinEnglishBeautiful Jasmine Blossom,Beautiful Jasmine Bloom,Jasmine scent smells betterthan other kindsI want to pluck one to wear,but I am worried that I might get caught.Beautiful Jasmine Blossom,Beautiful Jasmine Bloom,The flower’s white glazeexcels the very bright white snow.I want to pluck one to wear,but others may think that I am dumb.Beautiful Jasmine Blossom.Beautiful Jasmine Bloom. Jasmine,Best flower in thewhole wide world.I want to pluck one to wear,but I am sure Jasmine will not bloom.I want to pluck one to wear,but I am sure Jasmine will not bloom.What is your song about?This simple short and simple song describes a young girl in love with jasmine ...view middle of the document...

All the verses have the same melody but the words change. The melody of this piece is mostly conjunct – the notes move up and down in a stepwise manner. There are repetitions and it is singable. The harmony of the piece is major and consonant. In rhythmic terms, this piece is in 2/4 time, which is duple. The tempo is Moderato, and the notes are mostly 8th and 16th. The texture is homophonic, because there the soloist is being supported by the chordal accompaniment of the instrumentalists. Timbre is outlined in detail in the next few questions.Discuss whether the song is ensemble-based, a solo, or a combination.This song is a solo. The reason behind this is because this song is based on one young lady, and therefore, the most effective way to outline that would be through one female singer.Is there improvisation on the melody or elsewhere in the music?I would say that in Chinese music, there isn’t much improvisation. This song is not an exception. I am pretty sure that this song is passed down by word of mouth, and the sheet music I have attached was most likely written from listening to the song. However, I have noticed that there are a few differences between the performance and the sheet music. On the longer notes, the singer alters the pitch, and in other places, she alters the length of the note.Describe the quality of the singing voice.The singing voice is very good, mostly because only the good voices get published. I am pretty sure that we can find a lot of mediocre singers “attempting” to sing this song as well. As for this recording, the singer’s pitch is good, the rhythm is good and the quality of the voice is good as well. It makes this song a pleasure to listen to.Are instruments used? If so, what are they?How do the instrumental parts support the music?This song is in A flat major, however this...

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