Folklore, Keeping The History, Preserving The Culture

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Folklore stands as symbol of the rich culture and history of every nation. It tells a story from the past that provides many advantages to those who tell and listen to it. The origin of the folklore is that it is being told directly by someone to the listener. But now, the story is available in written form to make it still maintained its sustainability (Simatupang, 2011). If we examine it closely related to what is consisted in our country Indonesia, it can be found that our country has variety of folklore. It is not surprising as our country has vast cultures from Sabang to Merauke. Every different background of culture will produce a different story of folklore. However, it all has a same ...view middle of the document...

Though, folklore is a cultural heritage that should take care of and preserved. It is not as famous as it used to be.
Those entertainment media that have taken huge contribution will give impact to society. It may not only take positions as the advantages that bring good effects, but also some impacts that may lead society to have the disadvantages in the result. So that, It is been a very important concern for our nations. The special concern should be pointed to our young generation which has a role as the successor.
Seeing the explanation above, imagine the culture that has been inherited in society or community. What would happen if it is extinct? This phenomenon will shift the position of the culture as well as the history. It would make this country lost their identity. Thus, folklore as a symbol of culture and history should be brought again to its golden era and introduced to all elements in the society.
Society and the government have to realize that one of the efforts to preserve the existence of the folklore is to bequeath to the younger generation. One of the measures to introduce folk tales to the younger generation is to publish a variety of books of folklore from various regions. It can be an alternative for them as a reading book before they go sleeping.
It is necessary to make folklore consist in society. It is because the functions of the folklore give numerous benefits. Prasetya in Bangsawan (2012) explains three function of folklore. Those are (1) Folklore as an entertainment. By listening or reading to a case of fairy folklore, myth or legend, the listener or reader will be invited to travel to other world that never been occurred in everyday life experiences. The speakers also often have a tendency to develop a story he had heard the street said her own fantasies. It will create a birth of new versions of folklore. And it is the way of preserving the folklore. (2) Folklore as an education. It means that basically it want to convey a message that can be...


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