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Following The Formation Of The United States And The Adoption Of The Us Constitutionthe Earily Presidents Helped To Improve The Stability Of The New Country Through Their Foreign Policies.

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Throughout the history of The United States there have been presidents that have made a profound impact on the stability of their government. Following the formation of the United States after the victory of the US in the Revolutionary War and the adoption of the US Constitution; George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison all helped to improve the stability of the new found country through their foreign policies. First of all, Washington, believing that it was his responsibility to deal with foreign policy; believed that the best course of action was for the US to remain neutral in the war between France and Britain. Secondly, John Adams helped to raise the awareness of the US citizens about the US diplomacy problems in France. Finally, James Madison rallied the American citizens to support the US in their struggle with Britain. These presidents all played an important role in the stabilization of the United States government.Washington helped to convince the US that during their early days it was not wise to enter into another war with the leading powers of Europe. Early in his administration Washington determined that it was his responsibility to deal with foreign policy. This interpretation of the US Constitution allowed Washington to declare neutrality in the war between France and England that followed the French Revolution. When the war began Washington's Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson suggested that the US side with the French because the French were fighting for the same things that the US had fought for in the American Revolution. On the other hand Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton thought that it would be more beneficial to side with the English because of the trade that they provided. Washington refused to accept entirely the recommendations of both of these well respected men. This is how he came to the conclusion that it would be better to remain neutral in this conflict. This was a wise decision by Washington because at the time the government of the United States would have had trouble funding another war. If they had entered the war there was a good chance that the young government would have destabilized due to the greater strain on the economy because of the increase of the lack of funds. It was George Washington's wise decision to remain neutral in this major conflict that helped to keep the stability of the US government intact.John Adams helped to bring the awareness, of what was happening overseas in US foreign policy, to Congress and the American people. The circumstances Adams encountered were similar to those of George Washington, in regards to the war between France and England. The war had started to hit home in America. US merchant ships started to be attacked by both the British and the French. Then the French suspended commercial relations with the US. In order to try an protect the ships of the merchants and reopen the commercial trade with France Adams sent three commissioners to France to...

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