Food Addiction And Obesity Essay

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Food addiction and obesity
Mohannad alrosan
Dr. Amy Bracken
Psychology 117

Addictive drugs like nicotine and cocaine and heroin, all can rewire the brain to crave the satisfaction that these agents produce. The desire becomes so strong that it starts to take over the body and it no longer becomes for pleasure and it becomes a need for your body. Now likewise, some people argue that some foods have the same power and effects on people that drugs do, where some of these foods can alter the brain in a way that is resets the appetite and satisfaction threshold in a way that it’s out of reach, meaning a person can never have enough. The obesity levels these days semi-dangerous, so some doctors have conducted an experiment that tested the effects of some foods on the brain, where they took 12 obese men after they consumed two milkshakes, whit the same amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates, and they were equally sweet. (Sifferlin 2013) On the other hand one milkshake had much higher glycemic index from the carbohydrates. After the a few hours the blood sugar levels went down leaving the men hungry again. But after they ate the region of the brain that is related to addictive drugs and behaviors was triggered. In this paper food addiction is discussed and shown that it is a real problem that further critical analysis and experiments should be conducted on such issue.
Unreasonable food consumption and its relation to obesity and binge eating illustrate clinical and public health worries. A large amount of the research has found a variety of similarities in between excess food consumption and addiction. In humans, obesity and addiction have been both linked down to neural markers. Finally, many of behavioral indicators of addiction also appear to be common in problematic eating behavior, such as loss of control, and an inability to cut down excessive use. (Gearhardt, 2012) Food addiction is a controversial issue for various reasons including the simple fact that drugs are not needed for survival. This controversy is represented by the fact that there is no technical definition of food addiction. In 2010 nearly 70% of adult Americans were overweight. Exactly, 35.7% of adult Americans are obese, and it is the highest level of obesity in the history of the United States (Gearhardt, 2012). However, a lot of the recent debate has been touchy and analysis of obesity has been associated to eating behavior, personality issues, depression, addiction, or genetics. Recent studies have shown that food addiction is a real epidemic and it should be taken in consideration. In this paper it is illustrated that obesity and food addiction are one of this generations big concerns.
One of the interesting hypotheses for epidemic obesity is food addiction, which is connected to both substance-related disorder and eating disorder. Many evidences have shown that there are many neural pathways as well as specific differences that may support...

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