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In today’s discussion I will be breaking down the aspects of food and kitchen safety. Cited texts will be used per the guidelines given. I will give a brief description on my own kitchen safety habits and food preparation as well.
Sitting in my kitchen thinking on how I would start this essay wasn’t an easy task. I looked about through all of my utensils, pans, cutlery, pots, measuring glasses, etc…and wondered how I do it. How do I make sure the food I make is safe for me and my family to eat, what precautions do I take to make sure I don’t cross the bacteria threshold and mesh it with meals that are prepared by me or my wife. What I can attest to is that it comes down to a simple science ...view middle of the document...

Always use gloves, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly roughly for fifteen to thirty seconds at minimum under lukewarm water. Dry your hands then put on gloves to prepare the animal course you are trying to cook. Always make sure that the cutlery and silverware that is helping prep and serve the course are clean as well, if they are not then that’s where cross contamination could possibly occur. Never use the same cutting board for vegetables as you would use for animal meats, etc…the cross contamination could occur when you cook, or undercook certain animals (i.e. fish/turkey/chicken). Certain temperatures for meats such as beef or bison can be eaten at a digression of medium rare or rare. I wouldn’t recommend this practice for the very fact that foodborne illnesses such as mad cow disease is still very prevalent in the world and basically you never know what “batch” of meat you’re going to get. With poultry you must thoroughly cook the product all the way through, any pink or undercooked meat could cause illness within hours upon digestion of the meal. What Chicago Now states on certain temperatures is this: “Cold foods should be kept cold. Your refrigerator should be kept at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees. When serving in warm weather, serving pieces can be placed on ice to keep foods cold. Hot foods should be kept hot, 140 degrees minimum. There are devices to keep hot foods hot. 40 and 140 degrees are minimum temperatures that keep bacteria from forming. The ideal freezer temperature is between 0 and -10 degrees (F). Check your refrigerator and freezer regularly with a refrigerator thermometer.” ( p.1)

Now that we have food safety established we shall go onto kitchen safety. You must always make sure that your cutlery and silverware are...

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