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Food Describes Me Essay

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FERRARI PAGE 1Melania FerrariThe Fusion LifestyleMangiare (to eat) is the most important word anyone needs to know when it comes to speaking Italian. For many generations, food has been the center of the Italian social life and customs. I have had the fortune of growing up with a distinguished taste for good food. By being Italian, I was given the gift of enjoying large and joyous families who also enjoy sharing delicious food, wine and customs that are all a part of my cultural heritage.Food is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle and survival, but it is more complex than that. It involves a culture that sets you apart from the rest of the world. It is used in social gatherings to help members of distinctive cultures bond; it is used to pass family and national traditions from generation to generation, it is used to make friends and celebrate on special occasions or festivities and finally, it is also used to express artistic and creative skills of those who prepare it for their own distinct culinary experience.Italy is a culture that is rich in traditions of cooking. They take pride in their food as it is fresh, local and varied due to specific region seasonal availability. However, it is not the actual food that gives italians their reputation, but rather its quality and preparation, which has been deeply rooted in the typical cuisine for many generations. Traditions bring together families; in Italy, preparing fresh and healthy meals for daily consumption or special occasions is the norm.There is a lot of debate on what is defined as genuine Italian food, but the best way to learn what Italian gastronomy is about is to travel around the different regions of the country and experience the different dishes first-hand, as each one offers different varieties of meals and dishes. While pizza and pasta are known as the ambassadors of Italian cuisine, the different options and variations available along with many other local ingredients such as olive oil, cheeses, herbs, and desserts complement a wide selection of creative and delicious dishes that will conquer anyone with a good appetite.I identify myself as an italian not only because of the food I greatly enjoy eating, but also because of the energizing amount of Espresso coffee that I most definitely enjoy drinking daily. This coffee drinking culture is not exclusively an Italian tradition. My Panamanian and Cuban heritage also calls for indulging in a well prepared, correctly sugared strong cup of coffee. This combination of coffee and food heritage allows me to appreciate eating different plates, all with very different tastes as well.While the typical Cuban Cuisine is not as diversified as the Italian, the use of tropical ingredients calls for completely different flavors. Climate plays an important role or influence in the availability of certain ingredients; in Cuba's and Panama's case, the intense amount of heat and rain in both countries, allows for plentiful produce and fruits which...

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