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Food For Thought Essay

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Food for Thought
Look at almost any health statistic comparing the United States with the rest of the world, and you’ll see that we are disease ridden, overweight, and hyped up on sugar. It doesn’t take much time to realize that our unhealthy habits aren’t just a problem for adults, but that the childhood obesity rates as well as childhood diabetes rates are on the rise. In my opinion, this has a lot to do with what we are serving in public school cafeterias across the nation. On the website Fed Up you can see examples of what’s being served; grease laden pizza, grey mystery meat sandwiches, and a host of other barely distinguishable foods. Schools should be a place of nurturing minds, preparing children for their futures, and teaching them how to care for themselves. What our children are being fed though, is not food for thought; it’s food for fodder. With out of control portions, little to no supervision over what they are eating, and nutritionally lacking items, it’s no wonder why America is so unhealthy.
In many countries around the world that serve school lunches, you see a wide variety of fresh produce, healthy grains, and even fresh fish! Compared to the limp salads, bagged or canned fruit, and flavored milk served at American schools, it’s no wonder “among the 34 OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] countries, the United States performed below average in mathematics in 2012 and is ranked 26th.” (PISA 2012). One major difference between the United States and the countries that have academically outranked us is what we are serving our children. Finland, the top rated country for education according to PISA, uses their cafeterias as a way to teach children about nutrition and manners. Finnish schools also provide their lunches at no cost to the students. In an article written by Kristofer Jäntti, he states that “Free school meals should not be seen merely as a...

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