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I will be writing in my book report on Food Inc about how the food industry is not really telling us what is in our food and how we don’t know much about the food we buy and eat. I was in shock because I try to avoid eating junk food or fast food, and after reading the book I realize I could still be eating junk food, if I don’t learn more about what I am buying. I will be writing about how the food industry can get away with murder and not have to pay for it. Also on how the government is not regulating them as they should. How information is being with help from us, and how we are kept in the dark, for their benefit. How our farmers are treated and how the use of high levels of pesticides to which they are exposed to and their families affects them. The conditions in what they work in sometimes with no access to water or shade. And finally how we can get out of the routine and rut we are in, and how to educate ourselves to eat well and be healthier, and what we need to do to make a change.

Food Inc started while researching California’s Strawberry industry, it was investigation piece about how illegal immigrants the transformation of California agriculture, the exploitation of poor migrant workers. Which with more investigation he learned, so much that he decided to write Fast Food Nation which also triggered Food Inc. He felt like there was a whole new world behind the counter that had been deliberately hidden from us. Also how the corporations influence government policy in reading this book you see how the big corporations hate government regulations that protect workers and consumers, but they love to receive the tax payers money. You would think they would like to take of the people that are making them rich. We find out how George Bush was in bed with the large meat packing and food processing companies. As a result of that, food safety regulations are rolled back and ignored. So pretty much the government allows them to regulate themselves, and the ones who pay the price is us with our health.

We also see how some people feel it’s cheaper to go to McDonalds or any fast food place and buy something from the dollar menu, then going to a super market and buying organic or even just healthier food, vegetables. But isn’t it better to spend a little more on good food now then spending more money later when we are being treated for Diabetes or Heart Disease. I was disgusted on food safety of factory farms, how crowded tens of thousands of animals are crowed together in tight conditions and they don’t get to do what they were meant to do. For example the chickens like to carry out normal behaviors such as grazing, rooting, and pecking. So since the chickens are in such tight conditions they peck on each other and hurt or kill each other, so some farmers have decided to just remove there peaks which is a painful procedure they have to live with. It is cruel and not fair to the animal. The biggest welfare problem for the chicken’s is...

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