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Food Inc Essay

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Food—it is that precious substance our bodies need to survive. Whether it brings feelings of nostalgia and comfort, or unites families together, we can all agree that food is a vital source of nourishment. However, our definition of food has changed drastically with the advent of modern technology, which has given rise countless food trends. The desire for the cheap mass-production of food has induced an unspoken transition from slow cooked chicken and steamed veggies to frozen tv-dinners disguised to look like actual food worthy of consumption. Hence, food trends and technology effects the way we produce, purchase, and consume food in the United States.
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Rather, it is the high-concentrated form—high fructose corn syrup. The ingestion of this substance can cause various sicknesses such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
Thirdly, the production of food is made even worse with the current trends and technology because there is a monopoly of companies currently spearheading the industry. In 1976, five beef-packer companies controlled 25% of the meat-industry. Now, four companies control 80% of the industry. Farmers and consumers have no choice but to buy into the entreaties of these companies that run factory farms. In fact, a company named “Monsanto”, responsible for patenting genetically modified seeds, places farmers in a choke hold by giving them no option but to buy seeds from their company. Monsanto manipulates the natural phenomena of pollination by trapping farmers in lawsuits on the basis of stolen seed. The seeds were actually transferred with the help of pollinating organisms. The company proceeds to pile debt on the farmers leaving them with no option but to surrender and become agricultural slaves by producing genetically modified crops, which pose potential health risks for the public.
The food industry has exercised deception through its use of the traditional farm image to advertise its produce. This is an attempt to fool consumers into believing that the food they are purchasing is “farm fresh”. In reality, this artificial freshness fabricated with chemicals and gases could very well lead to their demise. Sadly, to eat well(healthy) in this country cost more than to eat unhealthy. Thus, many families with low social economic status are more likely to drive to a McDonald’s and order from the dollar menu than purchase fresh produce to cook a homemade meal. Another effect of the new food trends and technology is that the over production of corn has driven the price of meat down. This causes consumers to purchase more meat from these companies. Yet, even with the cheap meat prices, cheap fast food, and cheap corn, the long term effects are not “cheap” but come with a heavy price on the social, environmental, and health status of the nation.
The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last 10,000 years. The average American is now eating over 200 lbs of meat per year. Due to the unsanitary conditions of factory farms, much of the meat produced is not suitable for consumption. In fact, a boy named Kevin died from eating a hamburger that contained the bacterium Escherichia Coli. The cow was probably raised in a...

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