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Food Industry: Nestle Csr Strategy Essay

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Nestle was established in 1866 at Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle is one of the largest food industry and has many locations in the United States included other countries as well. Nestle is labeled as focusing on nutrition, health and wellness, which have been the world’s most controversial corporations. In the past decade, Nestlé’s name was expanding due to boycott, over the marketing of infant formula that they created in the poor countries, which causes infants to get sick. Recently, Nestle is one of the major targets of the global movement against water industry. Again, Nestlé’s labors relation’s practice in poor countries has been target for international union movement. Not many companies are successful but they are still operating their company to improve their CSR strategy to become successful company later. Nestle uses CSR strategy as a resource within environment to advocate the market needs and to fulfill stakeholder expectation. Nestle is in progress to improve what they need to become a successful company for their future. Unfortunately, Nestles has produced several poor issues pertaining to CSR strategies that include child labor, unethical promotion and sale of infant formula and use of Palm Oil.
To begin with, the first poor issues pertaining to CSR is child labour. Child labour means “Child labour is work that affects children’s health and personal development, and interferes with, or stops, their education.” (Nestle) Back than, child labour was the major issues all over the world. Children shouldn’t be working because they are too young, they must be over 16 to work. It’s dangerous for them to work due to the hazardous working conditions. There are many reasons why child labour exists such as lack of poverty, community awareness, and education. Nestlé’s employees in Ivory Coast were making no wages and was slave labor working on cocoa plantations. Nestle took action by monitoring and raise awareness on child labour and identify their risks. Nestle companies from many countries were asked to meet to establish “a system to give some information on living and working conditions of farming communities and give opportunity to help individuals right to make changes for the better future “(Nestle). Fair Labour Association helped Nestle by working and focusing on improving their work condition in their supply chains. According to Nestle, in 2009, they supported for the “cause of child labour by helping cocoa farmers to increase their income to magnify their agricultural techniques and improve their understanding of child labour issues” (Nestle). Child labour fits for CSR due to Nestle increases the concerned for child labour in their supplier chain.
Also, the second poor issues pertaining to CSR is Nestle for unethical promotion and sale of infant formula. Nestle was target for causing death and suffering of infants around the world by advertising baby food. In poor countries, such as Asia, Africa, and Latin, Nestle had gone wrong which...

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