Food Sites On The Net: Useful Information, Easy Advertising Dollars, Or Both?

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Food Sites on the Net: Useful Information, Easy Advertising Dollars, or Both?In a day and age where technology has revolutionized the way we live and communicate, the food industry is no exception. Gone are the days of digging through old and torn cookbooks for a recipe or having to wonder just what ingredients are necessary for that lavish dish. The internet has connected experts with knowledge of all that encompasses food to people that desire this information – literally any recipe can be found on the internet from a multitude of sources. Technical assets like the internet can turn your average Joe into a chef of epic proportions, and more people are turning to their computers for healthy alternatives to traditional meals as they pay closer attention to exactly what they eat. Examining popular food web pages such as, Los Angeles Times Food, Yahoo! Food, and all reveal interesting information about the food information industry on the internet. As it ascends to a larger scale of popularity, the information placed on these websites, including selected articles, seasonal recipes, and deliberately placed advertisements will have an increasing effect on its target audience from beginner chefs to food aficionados looking to perfect their style.Exploring these food-related websites, one can gain much insight on everything from recipes and cooking, holidays and parties, quick and easy dishes, healthy eating, and even recipes seen on ever-so-popular television cooking shows. This creates a large target audience because columns appeal to almost everyone having a remote connection to food – whether you are throwing a party and looking for tips on being a good host and great dishes to prepare, cooking a romantic dinner for two and looking to add some special spice to a dish, or if you are looking to change your consumption habits and curb them toward a healthier lifestyle, there are hundreds of articles available at your fingertips. Pictures featured on these websites, especially Food Network’s, make all dishes look delectable through various sharpening and photo-editing effects. This creates appeal and sparks interest in potential customers. One particularly intriguing website lets the viewer input as little as four ingredients currently present in their refrigerator and can whip up a list of potential dishes using just these select items – dinner never has be boring again!Despite having a vast amount of food-related tips and advice, many of these web pages did not have all too much to do with everyday eating. Not many common year-round dishes were seen featured, but rather everything seemed to be fancy gourmet meals or seasonal - catering to upcoming holidays. For example, on each of the websites I examined there was a rather big spot on Thanksgiving: “Season’s Eatings: Thanksgiving,” “Thanksgiving’s Star: A Gorgeous, Crisp-skinned Turkey,” and “The Best Thanksgiving...

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