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Food Journal Analysis And Personal Diet And Activity Plan

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Food Journal Analysis #3A person should consume about up to or less than 10% of saturated fat. Essentially saturated fatty acids contain all the hydrogen the carbon atoms are able to hold. Saturated fats are typically solid at room temperature, and they are more stable - that is, they do not merge readily with oxygen. Saturated fats and trans fats are the main dietary factors in raising blood cholesterol. This is essentially why it saturated fats are to be consumed in such amount.As in this case, an individual aiming for healthier or appropriate weight, the intake of saturated fats should not exceed 31 grams. The consumption of not more than 31 grams of saturated fats ensures the goal of having healthier and more appropriate weight. For the day recorded, the total calories recorded for saturated fat is 6.8% which is apparently less than 10%. In this case, the goal of consuming not more than 10% saturated fat is achieved.In the case of consuming a high-fat food and the matter over not going over the recommended fat intake, it should be noted that the total fat that should be consumed for a particular day should not provide more than 30-33 percent of total energy. In this case, it should be noted that one should be fairly well-oriented about calories and the amount of fat intake that could provide such calories. In essence in the case of having the goal of maintaining or achieving a healthier weight, the total consumption should not exceed over 50 grams. I should be wary of looking into the amount of grams after the consumption of high-fat food to determine how much grams are still allowable.In essence when one is trying to opt for a lower fat kind of food such in the case of preferring low fat lasagna over a high fat one, the effect of that would be that they are less fat consumed. The less fat a food has, the lesser grams of fat it contains thus the lower the calories that it could provide. When this happens, what is left of the recommended amount of calories that would take would increase. Since they are less fat, they are fewer calories thus the consumption of other foods should be ideally increased to meet the recommended amount of calories the individual needs. In the case of what would happen with the nutrients, it could be noted that the amount of nutrients would also be changed in the process of consuming food with less fat.Since they are less fat and the calories provided is affected, it was noted that the consumption of other food types would be increased. In the event that the consumption of other food types would be increased, the amount of nutrients would change since there could be the increased consumption of the foods which provide certain nutrients. Depending on the type of food to be increased to make up for the recommended calorie would the amount of change of nutrients.The ingredients of a regular lasagna is contains ingredients which are in essence high in fat. Among ingredients which contribute greatly to the amount of fat...

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